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Daniel R. Lindsey

Private Detective

Daniel R. Lindsey has recently retired after serving 26.5 years in law enforcement. Daniel’s career in law enforcement started in 1989 with the Pompano Beach Police Department. Mr. Lindsey worked as a road patrol officer then as a training officer, for new recruits, to teach new hires on how to be an effective law enforcement officer. After several years as a trainer he was elevated to overseeing the field training for all new hires. In 1995, Daniel was assigned to the Detective Bureau where he was charged with the responsibility of investigating all crimes from petit theft to homicides.

Mr. Lindsey became an accomplished investigator who was widely recognized, by command officials and the legal world as an outstanding investigator and a person who produced quality investigations. Mr. Lindsey was assigned the most complicated and severe cases based on his investigative knowledge. Daniel is widely known for his ability to interview and extract information from victims, suspects and witnesses. He is certified in homicide, sexual abuse, economic crime, and fraud and child abuse.

In 1998, Daniel was assigned the task of mentoring new detectives on investigative processes and was also tasked as the acting supervisor in his absence of the Sergeant. Mr. Lindsey’s investigative talents were demonstrated when Assistant State Attorney Brian Cavanaugh was approached to be of the feature of a television show for Discovery ID, on the case of the State of Florida vs. Thomas Hare. This case was very profound as it dealt with the murder of Mr. Hares’ girlfriend. There were no witnesses and very little physical evidence. Thomas Hare is now convicted and serving a life sentence.

Private Investigator

Daniel was promoted to Sergeant in 2000 where he over saw road patrol duties before becoming the Sergeant of the Criminal Investigations Division. Over the next six years he oversaw three different investigative units including Pompano Beach, Unincorporated Pompano Beach and the City of Tamarac.

In 2006 Mr. Lindsey was assigned as a Sergeant to the Child Protective Investigations Services (CPIS) who was charged overseeing civilian dependency investigators in all dependency matters concerning abuse neglect or abandonment. Mr. Lindsey is a certified investigator and supervisor in the realm of Child Welfare by the Department of Children and Families Daniel spent 2.5 years overseeing the overall security of the Broward County Courthouse. He commanded over 130 personnel who were responsible for the security of the courthouse.

Daniel completed his careers after being promoted to the rank of Captain to oversee the Child Protective Investigation Section of the Broward Sheriff’s Office. During this time he was able to enhance relationships with all community partners and has also been a part of panels, to select companies to provide substance abuse and domestic violence services.


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